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--=== What's New? ===--

*New Mount added

*Mount Skill features added

*New Dungeons added to X-server

*New Open-Field Boss

*Re-adjusting difficulties of level 1~40 maps

*Re-adjusting pairing system for X-server Wars

*New Top-Up Scheme

*New job GUNNER now has been officially join the adventure group!

*New Pet & Astrology and more are now available! Come'n fetch them!

--=== What's New? ===--

Are you ready to write your own legend?

Choose to be whoever you want: an adventurous archer, magnificent mage, a fearsome warrior or the greatness gunner! And that’s not all: Own your very own pet troops to aid you in your battles!

Join friends from around the world, create your own guild and lead your team to victory in the most exciting MMORPG "Starlight Legend", a Classic RPG evolved for a new generation! 

Play now and stand a chance to win awesome couples fashion and new mount card for the special events! Wait, there's more~! Login for 7 days to get free in-game diamonds and other fabulous rewards!!


● Magnificent Game Designs & Stunning Visual Effect

With fine quality art design and classic MMORPG scenes, each character has unique skill effects and combo chain. It’s more than just a game.

● Find and train your own pets

Cute pets will escort you to the adventure land as your most loyal friends.

Beat up those bullies and get tons of loots.

Create your very own pet troopers now!

● Mix and match your own style!

Over hundreds of fashions in the closet for you to choose from.

Get ready for an unforgettable fashion show!

Express your feelings with our very own facial emotions.

●Establish guild and fight for glory!

Recruit the best players on the server!

Train with teammates and strength your guild defense.

Draw your weapons when the war starts!

● Other features

[Seasonal event items] - Various themed items for you to loot during the festive seasons. Kirin, couples wear, wedding mount and much much more are just waiting at your doorstep. 

[World Boss]- Fight the fearless evil world boss with everyone in your servers and defend your hometown against those demons!

Stay tuned for more news and events!


Official site:http://www.gamebegin.com/xgcq/xgcq.html


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